Energy Emergency Alert


MISO Forecasts Insufficient Firm Generation Resources to meet Summer Demand

To view a map of potentially affected areas within the community


If MISO calls upon HUC to reduce load under a 20% load shed event, based on a priority system, various parts of the community (residential & business customers) will have their power shut down in increments no longer than 1 hour. HUC’s priority system has one goal in mind, to minimize impacts to life, safety, and property damage.

Feeders and Approximate time of Impact
1st 30 minutes- Feeders 11, 12 & 18
2nd 30 minutes- Feeders 15 & 17
3rd 30 minutes- Feeders 11, 12 & 18
4th 30 minutes – Feeders 15 & 17
Repeat as needed.



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