Renewable Energy – Bright Energy Choices

Renewable Energy – Bright Energy Choices

Did you know that at Hutchinson Utilities Commission, 36% of the electricity you purchased from us comes from clean energy resources that do not produce greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide or other pollutants?  Our clean energy comes from renewable resources including hydroelectric, wind and solar.

solar panels and windmills on a sunny day

Would you like to do even more to help the environment? Our Bright Energy Choices program allows customers to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). RECs are proof that electricity was generated by qualifying renewable facilities—such as wind and solar farms—and fed into the electric grid. These RECs are available through Missouri River Energy Services (MRES), our supplemental wholesale power supplier.

By enrolling in Bright Energy Choices, your business can purchase RECs to offset the portion of your electricity that comes from fossil fuels, making your usage, in effect, 100% renewable. Making clean energy purchases through RECs helps promote
the development of future clean and renewable resources and demonstrates your support for our environment.

For more information please contact Nick Nelson at 320-234-0506 and view the attachment for more details.

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