Billing Policies

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Billing Policies

Establishing a New Electric/Natural Gas Account
Deposit Requirement - Residential
Deposit Requirement - Commercial/Industrial
Terminating Electric/Natural Gas Service by Customer
Definition of Your Bill
Errors in Billing
Payment of Your Bill
Automatic Payment Plan
Budget Payment Plan
Explanation of Billing Procedure
Disconnection of Residential Services by HUC
Disconnection of Commercial Services by HUC
After Hours Reconnection Policy
Landlord Acknowledgement
Inserts with Utility Bills
Identity Theft - Red Flag Program
Minnesota Cold Weather Rule
Minnesota Government Data Practices Act and Public Records Request

Service Policies – Electric

Electric Rate Schedule
Security Light Rental – Rate to Furnish and Maintain Fixture
Electric Service Requirements and Charges
Temporary Service
Electric Meter Placement
Sealing of Meters
Meter Testing
Right-of-Way Clearing
Tree Removal or Trimming
Locating Customer’s Underground Utilities

Service Policies – Natural Gas

Natural Gas Rate Schedule
Natural Gas Service Requirements and Charges
Temporary Service
Natural Gas Meter Requirements and Placement
Meter Testing
Natural Gas Service Work
Locating Customer’s Underground Utilities
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