Environmentally Friendly

Renewable Wind Power

As an electric customer of Hutchinson Utilities Commission you now have the ability to buy some of the most environmentally friendly power on earth – renewable Wind Power.

Hutchinson Utilities Commission (HUC) offers our electric customers the opportunity to support electricity generated by a sustainable, renewable power source that uses no fossil fuels, produces no emissions and leaves no by-products. A kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity generated by wind means improved air quality.

Wind Turbine

Minnesota Statute 216B.169, Renewable and High Efficiency Energy Rate Options, requires all electric utilities serving customers in Minnesota to implement this type of program.

Wind Power is more expensive than the bulk of our energy, however, it provides all Hutchinson residential and business consumers an opportunity to help bring environmentally friendly power to Hutchinson and continue to keep our overall rates as low as possible.

Renewable Wind Power is available in blocks of 100 kWh at a rate of 1.5 cents per kWh in addition to your current base rate. This rate will be adjusted annually at the time of contract renewal to reflect current Wind Power costs. The charge for your wind power will show up as a separate item on your monthly electric bill.

When you purchase one block of wind power each month for a year, it’s like planting one-half acre of trees or not driving your car 2400 miles!


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